How to jot down a College Essay

How to publish an excellent essay is easy, if you follow a few simple rules

This will help you to become an essay writer in no time. It also helps to make your college application come to the attention of the admissions officer who will be reviewing your application.

There are many different tips and guidelines when it comes to writing a college essay. You should first consider the type do my term paper of essay that you need to write. It is not uncommon for college students to apply for college admissions. Therefore, you will need to decide which type of essay you will be required to write before you begin.

A research essay, for example, is one that is written to gather information from a resource that is similar to what you are doing on your current research project. An example would be a paper on Napoleon Bonaparte, the battles of Gettysburg, and Valley Forge. You would need to research the topics you cover. The same goes for a sample essay that is already complete.

College essays are very similar to a book report

Your topic is the contents of the book or article that you are writing about. It must be engaging and also help you to discover new information. If you are an expert on the subject, you can include this in your essay as well.

If you need a basic essay that you can use for two or three units, the amount of time spent on writing will be minimal. If you need more work, then you might want to enlist the help of a student. However, you should try to keep the topic relevant to the school you are applying to.

One of the most important things that will help your college admissions officer when reviewing your application is the type of essay that you are writing. You need to keep your topic on the college in question. In this way, the admissions officer will know that you took the time to research the school before you submitted your application.

Remember that the best way to ensure that your college admissions officer knows that you were the one to write the essay is to research the topic that is being covered. If you have only some knowledge of the topic, then you should use an example that is related to the topic. For example, if you are studying the history of American presidents, you could use an example from the most recent presidential election to help show the admissions officer that you are an expert in the field.

When you are researching an essay, remember that you must take care of all your points before you even begin writing your college essay. The essay that you are writing will be a big part of your application and therefore you must make sure that you have an engaging essay. If you make a mistake in your essay, it will not show through.

There are also different forms of college essays

This depends on the subject matter and the type of essay that you need to write. Be careful, though, to avoid some of the mistakes that you might encounter when writing your essay.

One of the most common mistakes that college admissions officers make is to add excessive verbiage to the end of a sentence. You do not want to be writing a four-page essay on the first day. Do not add unnecessary information to your essay.

You do not want to go into great detail at the beginning of your essay and then change it to a few lines in the middle. The rule of thumb for this is to write for three or four lines on the first page, then a few lines at the beginning, and then five or six lines on the last page. This is why you will sometimes find someone writing the length of a book and essay on one page.

Good essay writers know how to write college essays, but they also know how to take the proper precautions to ensure that the essay is written well. They will add examples that show their points and remain clear on the thesis statement of the essay.

How to jot down any Rhetorical Examination Essay

How to create a rhetorical analysis essay is a very challenging yet important part of the academic writing process

Rhetorical essays, at their best, can make a great case for one’s argument and also show why one’s opinions and ideas are valid and true.

However, in order to have success with this type of essay, one must first have a basic knowledge of how an essay is written and structured. essay homework help It is not enough to know that an essay is written, but knowing how it is structured can help greatly in making it work well.

So, how do you actually write a rhetorical analysis essay? If you want to know the answer to this question, then you should first be aware of what you are doing when you are writing an essay. This will help you to create a thesis statement that will determine the main point of your entire essay.

To start, think about the purpose of your argument. What does your argument mean to you? What do you want to prove to the reader?

Once you have a good conclusion to your argument, you will need to determine what information you are going to provide

A good method for this is to create a topic list. By creating a topic list, you will be able to better organize your ideas so that they will flow more smoothly.

Next, you will need to take a look at some of the major topics that you have been discussing throughout the course of your argument. These can include your research methods, topic options, or even the subject matter. By considering these points, you will be able to provide clear and concise examples of your viewpoints.

Then, it is time to consider the audience. How are you going to communicate your message to them? For this, you will need to look at your audience as an individual. Think about what is the point of your speech to that audience.

Now, you should take a look at the characteristics of your audience. Who are they? Do they understand the basics of English grammar?

When you write an essay for class, it will not matter too much who your audience is; however, when you write an essay for the essay writing section of your university, you will need to take into consideration your audience’s level of understanding. Unless you are using an essay to further a certain specific goal, such as to impress a committee of professors, you may want to avoid using complex grammar and proper English for your essay. You will simply need to be more casual and descriptive in your writing.

Next, you should take a look at your sentence structure

Although it is tempting to overuse complex vocabulary, you will only be able to really get your point across when you use less complicated words. The point is to get your point across without spending a lot of time.

Finally, before you actually write the essay, you should always have a good idea of the level of difficulty you are trying to accomplish. Take a look at your classmates’ essays and see what level they are trying to achieve. Do you think you can write an effective argument for that level?

Writing an effective essay will take careful planning and thought, but once you have the main points and your own thesis statement all set, you will be able to move on to the next part of the process and finish your writing. Of course, it is possible to write an essay from scratch if you have enough time and desire, but you will likely be better off taking a popular essay and modifying it to fit your own writing style.

How to post an Analytic Essay or dissertation in Three Steps

The analytical essay is one of the most sought after subject areas in university and college curriculum

While writing a persuasive argument may be necessary, without a foundation you may run into trouble with a professor or another student. In order to take your analytical essay from just looking good to writing a quality document, keep the following tips in mind.

Make sure you understand master thesis writing service what is being said before you offer an opinion. Students often feel that they should get the gist of the material before they offer their thoughts. In many cases this is true, but if it’s an essay where you’re not offering an original thought, that is one of missed opportunity. Try to take the time to really understand what the professor is talking about before you offer your own thoughts.

Research and original research are an essential part of writing a successful essay. While you can rely on other students to provide you with some key information, if the essay is to be considered professional you should put your own research to use. Even if you have a certain topic that you’re more familiar with, don’t be afraid to dig deeper into the topic that you are writing about.

What you have to remember is that you don’t have to spend hours doing your own personal research

For example, if you’re writing an essay about sex, you can add a little humor to the essay by telling a funny story or recalling an amusing incident from your past. By using your personal experiences to make the essay more appealing, you can increase its appeal to your professor.

As with any essay, you need to make sure that the point you are trying to make is clear. For example, when you’re writing an essay about life, make sure you are presenting a clear and concise story that people can understand. This is especially important if you are writing about a highly sensitive subject like sexuality.

You also need to make sure that you keep your writing simple. Anytime you take on too much with your writing, you run the risk of boring the reader. Keep your writing clean and simple and you will give your reader a clear, concise message.

Begin each essay with an outline. While you do have to write an outline for each essay, you don’t want to start with an outline that is too long. Keep your outline to a short length and then work through it in a straight forward manner.

This means that you have to make sure that you outline the points you are going to make with the essay. Don’t leave out anything because you think it’s going to make the essay longer. Just because you’re writing an essay doesn’t mean you have to be an essay writer.

When you come to the middle of your essay, cut it off by listing three more things that you are going to do

Use a list format and always include the topic, major conclusion, and the conclusion to save yourself time. This way, you can complete the main points of your essay.

Avoid writing in the first person. Often when we read essays, we’re not always able to pinpoint who wrote them. Use third person and write from the perspective of the reader.

Since we all read from a point of view, we may want to consider telling us who wrote the essay. Write your name on the paper. This way, if someone complains about how bad you wrote their essay, they can prove who wrote it.

This list of tips will help you develop a logical outline for your essay. With these points in mind, you can begin to craft an essay that is original and meets your specific needs. Just remember to work hard and make sure you have a good foundation before you go out and start writing.

A New Year, a New Guide, and No More Tests!

The largest news story that summer may be the AP Biology course that Dr. Peter Davenport’s Campbell higher education college is currently registering the greatest college class of this century

This year old biology in high school AP biology course in the Campbell school natural surroundings of a Midwest for a student, metropolis college will start on June 20th.

Within this world of breakingnews masterpapers review of continuing and continuing stories, it’s crucial that you stay in mind that only because there’s a narrative that’s taking place or somebody else that’s died it cann’t mean it should really be treated because the absolute most essential story in the world. It is a fact that there are stories available that have enormous value to this Earth, however these stories are from the headlines only to get a short period of time.

By way of example, when senior high school pupils start off AP Biology course this year, a lot of them may perhaps well not realize that in the AP Biology class there will be two exams: an assessment and a written exam founded on experience. What exactly the AP Biology book does is actually allow senior high school pupils to focus on their studies and invite students to focus on exactly what they want. That really is exceedingly valuable to college students, however, still left to the teacher and planning part and the actual producing of this AP Biology publication need to be taken out of their fingers of their pupils.

Right now you are aware the written text will be challenging and unique out of all other novels that have been built if you’ve been analyzing with the class publication. You are aware that the contents are going to be hard and you may not ever have plenty of reading stuff. It ought to be made up to the university student to decide what is definitely going to be most useful for them and what they will have to concentrate onto pass on the class.

When pupils first start their AP Biology class, they may possibly believe because of the length of this written writing they really need to be aware of the novel indoors and outside and they cannot find such a thing. The course text will offer students advice they could take and utilize throughout the full class, while that may be real.

Of how they’re doing predicated on the everyday tests that will be provided with as students go around taking the exam, the professor will probably soon be showing the upper and lower boundaries. It follows that they are able to start to focus on such a information as opposed to attempting to work out also the exact instances and the specific era if they were tested.

Through the course, students will soon be in a position find a feel for whatever they will need to do through the duration of the program and to remain focused. It’s your occupation to be confident and focused on your own research and perhaps not let any distractions enter the way, although teachers will offer a course that is similar to this AP Biology course publication.

By the close of the course, students are going to understand an interesting course that is going to require each one the college students’ hard work. Students will also be given the chance possess an extra couple of hands assisting them and to bring a friend together. Students may also have the opportunity to find a few extra advice for any questions in addition to yourself a handbook that will supply a outline of the class which students may have.

The AP Biology Test

Even the AP Biology examination is one of the AP examination newspapers nowadays, and with good reason

This physics test are not only going to test but will test your capacity to apply those theories. The applying of the concepts and processes is probably the part of AP Biology.

In many of the AP Biology classes, you may understand that there are a lot of distinct ways. Nevertheless, the masterpapers review real evaluation may be the effective use form of those notions which you’ve examined. As a way to try your capacity you have to be able to use those concepts in a fresh position.

Even the AP Biology test has several different sections, that cover many different kinds of biology. You may discover that all section will take twenty minutes into an hour or so to complete. You will have multiple alternatives in every and every section that allows one to select from the countless different sorts of biology which exist in character, and that means that you are able to get that there are going to soon likely be a lot of unique mixes of topics that you will need to check at to be able to pass on the examination.

The Biology Exam will occur in college or your high school, however, based on the positioning of your school, you’ll find it is convenient that you select the assessment inperson. The Biology Exam will consist of a department that is written and also multiplechoice questions. You must listen to every one however as you will be taking the test from the beginning, you will have a great deal of time for you to prepare.

You’ll find that there are two types of queries you might need to answer properly so as to pass the exam when searching for the Biology test. Hopefully, you will find that a few of the inquiries will expect quite a few of different sorts of theories which you are going to need to examine. You should make certain you take advantage of all the chances you have available to you to review each one the matters which you have studied so far because there are certainly a numbers of themes that you have to examine.

You ought to be sure that you are knowledgeable about the notions which you have studied so far If it comes to taking the Biology examination. You should guarantee that you learn just how to apply those concepts when you are currently carrying the exam. The AP Biology Exam is all about applying the data which you’ve gained out of your studies, so you should make sure you make an effort needed to be certain that you understand every theory you’ve studied thus far.

You also need to remember that there is just really a large amount of pressure which you are going to be underneath, Mainly because this AP Exam is your AP examination. You also need to be certain that you do not procrastinate and let yourself become emotionally preoccupied. As long as you still have the proper mindset you ought to have the ability to move on the AP Biology Exam.

You may discover that there are unique places at which you could just consider the AP Biology Exam. You then ought to make sure that you take the time needed to really prepare if you have discovered the Biology Exam is some thing you need to shoot seriously . By accepting the opportunity to prepare you are going to find a way earn your degree in Biology in the briefest quantity of time possible and to pass the Biology test.

The four attributes of humanism are curiosity, a totally free head, belief in really good flavor, and perception while in the human race

Breeze and Attributes of Humanism

Even though we hear a good deal about’humanist’ faith, it is not yet determined whether the feature of humanism can be really just a creed or an ideology. So that since you’ll find lots of selections of humanism, we want certainly to differentiate between them.

Humanism: In its most generic sense, humanism can be defined as “the way of life that embraces freedom and the ideals of social justice.” This is true in both a philosophical and moral sense. what motivates me essay The philosophy of humanism includes social justice, politics, and ethics, but there is no metaphysical element to it.

Ideal Humanism: Ideal humanism believes in the human potential to transcend cultural limitations and move toward social and political change. It is the approach to life that seeks to unite people from different social, religious, and economic backgrounds into a new world order. It is an idea, not a dogma. It can include a variety of philosophies, but it tends to be non-dogmatic.

Humanism for the duration of the Renaissance was a movement that experienced the two intellectual and cultural ramifications for Europe

Eschatological Humanism: that is sometimes called”evangelical humanism.” This outlook considers that the entire world will be redeemed by God . Quite simply, they believe that God has made Jesus to function as Redeemer.

Non-theistic Humanism: This perspective is like the non-theistic-affirming point of view. It considers that God will not restrict individual affairs. It will not have confidence in any supernatural thing, nor does it possess any theology.

Within normal denominations, non-religious views are typically deemed”nones” (or unaffiliated). They do not accept the notion of a God. The term”nones” was originally used by American researchers as well as theologians like Clifford Stoll and John Gehring, nevertheless they have now already been utilized by different scholars as.

You will find just two types of non-religious viewpoints. The very first category is liberal non-religious viewpoints, and these are often the very identifiable and the most typical. It is feasible for somebody to hold a perspective if he or she were atheistic or agnostic.

The 2nd kind is known as”conventional viewpoints .” All these are occasionally called”traditional viewpoints of religion”religious fundamentalism.”

Fundamentalists are individuals who are religiously orthodox or traditional and also can not accept science. The majority of those who call themselves are liberal traditionalists.

It centered on the research of artwork, literature, and heritage with the classics from Greek and Rome

So although we can talk about what is considered a humanism, we need to distinguish between the viewpoint of non-theistic non-religious people and the viewpoint of religious fundamentalists. We can recognize the characteristic of humanism, but not know whether it is a creed or an ideology. And we need to remember that there are several varieties of humanism, including idealist humanism, eschatological humanism, non-religious views, and non-traditional views.

Some typical humanist ideologies include humanism, socialism, secular humanism, democracy, progressivism, and communism. Every ideology represents a kind of humanism, or even more, if it is viewed from a particular standpoint. But there is no consensus in the views held by the most prominent humanists.

What we can say is that humanism is a royal method of looking at the world. We may more certainly understand and explain what humanism is all about, When we will figure out what forms of perspectives are common to several types of humanists.

Taking the AP Computer Science A Test

Taking the AP Computer Science A examination is an essential section of the college student’s career.

A Computer Science A exam helps to test your understanding of relevant theories, in addition to prepare you for the school diploma courses that will be a part of one’s school livelihood, As the cooperation is straightforward.

Unlike a lot of the faculty classes that are readily available college research essay to pupils in the school and college degrees, a Computer Science A test has no requirements. Is that a departure level for your test, so there isn’t any entrance requirement for anyone who wants to take the exam. The test is composed of questions that are multiple-choice and also requires you to seek out the responses by thinking by just what the issue claims.

The Alliance is split into two parts: Object Oriented Design and Software Development. Each subject will possess its own set of jobs. The tests may allow you to understand just how to complete those actions. Your process would be to produce certain you understand every matter’s conditions.

Cross-referencing between topics is necessary, because it can be difficult to establish where a single concept ends and the other starts. As a way to do so, the test lets you demonstrate how your reasoning abilities are linked to the theory that is earlier that you have discovered. You also need to display the ability to use thoughts to solve issues.

This really is done through exercises, that will help you identify the exact info which you want, but cannot always wind up. As an example, whenever you learn to create a new car, you may not only begin working on the engine part right away. You want to learn just how to check for escapes problems, and, fundamentally, fix them.

You may encounter a series of short assessments that you must properly total as you go along. These evaluations are intended to assist you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you locate your house in the class. They’ll help you see where you have to analyze, in which you may need to get educated, and also at which you require additional encounter. In a waythey can help you determine in the event that you comprehend the topics that you have already studied.

Before you start the evaluation, be certain you’ve obtained the text book that you will use for the training program. Now’s the time to purchase the training course manual, and on occasion possibly a copy if you have no one however. This really is a step before proceeding through this evaluation you need to take. This may help ensure that you are going to be able to triumph if the exam includes.

You are able to choose the evaluations but this may ride in your ability to keep in touch with other test takers. Because you sometimes consider the tests anywhere that you do all your regular school job, It’s preferable to select the exam during the faculty out. It follows you can work with no interruptions to the course work As they are not required at the middle of the college season.

Arthur Dimmesdale can be a respected minister in Boston and also father of Pearl

Romance and Scary Reads: The Scarlett Letter Characters

Scarlett O’Hara is one of the most popular girls in all of literature. Whether you like novels of romance or stories that have heroic qualities, you will love the type of books that contain some of the scarlett letter characters. These types of novels make it easy for you to read a book with a lot of good stories and characters, yet still leave out a few of the misfortunes.

The title Scarlett stems from your letters of this of mice and men full summary bible. This was originally a name supplied for the heroine from the book”Gone With the Wind.” The book published in 1939 and was published by Margaret Mitchell.

To this narrative of Scarlett, there has now been numerous variations Because the novel. The narrative has remained as popular as ever. The scarlett correspondence personalities, if added to a narrative or also the protagonist’s journey, could allow it to be more interesting.

You should read a book that has more than one romantic ending. Try to read it before you die because it could be the greatest ending you’ve ever read in your life. There is no better way to end a tale than this.

The suffering begins to choose its actual physical toll, specially considering the fact that Hester’s husband Chillingworth seeks to wipe out Dimmesdale and it is a continuing reminder belonging to the guilt and shame he harbors from his affair with Hester

Besides the amorous storylines, the publication can also include elements of suspense and experience. As a way to actually delight in the story, it is advisable that you just simply study the book before you start to learn the sequels. This will give you a notion of what transpired from the book.

Good stories also make it easy for you to read it again. You will want to continue the adventures of Scarlett and Rhett. There are stories in most every genre of literature.

You need to take a look in the list of vivid red correspondence personalities In the event that you want to know more about pursuing a career on paper. A fantastic writer can utilize the scarlett letter personalities to develop a universe that is distinctive and exciting. Even though there are numerous novels which tell precisely the same story, they don’t need the scope a thriving writer can cause.

He has the impartial posture of Collector, which lets him to stop the politicized shuffling of positions

With the Scarlet character, you have the ability to create an alternate history for the story that has more twists and turns. If you read the books of Scarlett and Rhett in chronological order, you will find that there are two different stories. The first one is in the present and the second one is in the past.

If you decide to read the books in this order, you will see that the first book has the Scarlett letter characters in it. This makes it easier for you to separate your characters from one another. It is possible to read them as one and think of their relationship in a logical way.

However, if you read the second book, you will have a deeper understanding of how the Scarlet characters relate to each other. You will also have the ability to think about the relationships in a spiritual way. Because the first book will not be able to tell the same story that second book does, you can work out the details and make it more romantic.

The reader can see the details of how they relate to the characters they know. For example, if you are reading a book about Scarlett and Rhett, the reader will see how they are similar because of their personalities. However, the reader will also see how the Scarlet letter characters relate to the characters as a whole.

The Shakespeare characters are often used when people are looking for a way to try to relate the story in a certain genre to Shakespeare. They can also find them easier to relate the stories to specific genres. The Scarlet letter characters can also be used to solve mysteries that the characters are involved in, which is very common in mystery novels.

Computer Science Majors

If you are searching to get a lifetime career in the computer field, then there are a variety of majors in computer engineering which you could select from

There are a range of majors in computer engineering that you can pick from if you are searching for a career in the computer field|There certainly are a lot of types in computer engineering you can select from, if you should be looking for dissertation helps a lifetime career in the computer field}. Many college pupils desire to major in computer systems to be able to just work at a superior degree within the business. In a few instances, it follows that they need to come across a job in a business which produces computers also works using coders. Additional individuals desire to get function and their degree .

Computers technology can be a new field of analysis where pupils focus on manufacture and the plan of computers. Students in the system are qualified on creating the proper sort of applications and components therefore that a computer can be placed together. The curriculum also has classes that teach pupils how to utilize the personal computer along with howto repair and customise software and the hardware. College students learn this all until they proceed on into the job that is crucial to them, that can function work with an educational application or a faculty or company computer.

People who want to be computer engineering figures work at the maximum rates of companies that create computers. These businesses hire a wide variety of staff, including each workers at the software and components section. Lots of do, while not every business uses computers within their own search and development sections.

Additionally, there really are a lot of tactics . Students have. Some pupils take two in the compsci major or a course and then make a decision to wait a community college, but some possess a college. In any event, they must take a test which measures their capacity to see, compose, and follow along instructions.

It really is important for computer engineering classes to recognize the basics of programming languages. An individual could important in computer engineering and produce their own apps, or else they may attend a computer programming school. Students need to learn how to program in a language until they could carry an exam in a language. Most students want to have the ability to work from the languages they’re analyzing, but they don’t really have to, yet so it is critical to understand exactly what the tests demand.

Students may select to take classes on establishing it in the terminology to a program and programming that they’ve plumped for. Within this waythey learn to generate them and also can write their own programs. Students can focus with projects within their time as a way to know how to make apps.

Should they are prepared to perform at the business students may find an associate level in computer science. This could be the perfect method whether this is a field for you to figure out . They likewise make wonderful business partners since businesses such as Microsoft have become well versed within the field. This is the ideal method to see what the job is like that they know what’s available in the business and to find yourself a handle on the kinds.

With all the ideal sort of instruction, personal computer science majors might go a considerable ways. In addition to being able to assemble hardware and software, they also can perhaps work in academia and eventually become a system administrator to get a company. Big corporations use technology whenever they run their operations. Take a couple classes within the computer science major, if you would like to workin the field and see where it takes you.

MRC Bio-tech News

The birth of this fatherless modern society, the welfare state and also the subjugation of natural life to the mechanistic dictate of our government-mandated scientists will be called the”Founding Fathers” age.

It is likewise called the”Men of Science Era.” Being being a zoologist and a scientist, the changes to our environment are not technologies or new products, nor are distress or that they college essays disease. They really are the disappearance of all”pure”biological” civilizations, their alternative by a lot far more advanced devices of company.

Some samples with the culture and lifestyle reduction would be the demise of organic predators including sharks, wolves, bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, red foxes, lynx, eagles, bald eagles, hawks, owls, and even the giant-winged beavers. Those predators’ disappearance was possible because of habitat reduction, and war, hunting, famine, illness. Normal predators provide an continue reading this ecosystem in which predators can exist and thrive while the prey thrive and could flourish and so that the eco system acts as a balance between lands.

Groups of animals were phased out as well. The Chinese needed a expression that should you would like to get some thing put your hands at the air and wave it. According to Darwin,”If man is not nature’s way of success, he is the least of its animals .” This statement, called that the”Darwinian Revolution,” has provided us an monumental level of insight to the way the world is made and also we are among many species in the world which has benefited out of that particular revelation.

No one is totally unaffected by the changes occurring in the world. Biological scientists, biologists, ecologists, and wildlife administrators are trained by the us government and from private companies about how to manage the natural habitat.” There is a strategy to reengineer the earth because we understand it in the petri dish for a new creation of organisms. The Science and ecology are creating an predicament for our planet and also for ourselves.

We are learning more about the earth we reside at and we are learning. We are learning a lot of that which we now have understood regarding disposition upward before now is wrong. This includes the notion we have to maybe perhaps not behave to alter how we use the earth’s sources or that there isn’t any reason to worry about global warming.

Back in years past the biological science, biotechnology, and ecology of the world’d created the circumstances to control the flow of drinking water, energy, food, and also the resources. In summary , we left all of them possible. Now the next phase of this development has been seen, also it may spell disaster for all of us. Rather than creating a better and sustainable surroundings, we are creating a disaster zone for all our planet.

The range of individuals on Earth is rising, and that’s the range of animals on the entire world; but the individual populace is also rising. Subsequently a number of creatures is growing from the tens of thousands In the event the populace keeps growing rapidly. However, if all of us get aboard on this particular”Human-oriented” evolution, we’ll likely soon be using more of this Earth’s natural sources. By having far more folks we will add.

The use of animals for sport is a contributing component to global crisis. As a consequence of those growing numbers of folks about Earth, our entire world is currently undergoing a change. Nevertheless, it is likely to address this dilemma by participating in biotechnology and artificial intelligence to place it back on path. The problem is that instead of leading with the head of one, we want certainly to reach outside into the core of the problem and commence to fix the problems that are creating such an disaster.